540 Performance Nutrition proudly presents a comprehensive range of products designed to fuel growth and drive results. Whether you seek to build muscle, embark on a weight loss journey, enhance sports performance, or embrace a healthier lifestyle, our diverse product lineup caters to all your needs. We are dedicated to being part of your journey, igniting your passion, and helping you become the best version of yourself. Regardless of your sport or goals, our premium supplements are meticulously formulated to seamlessly integrate into your daily regimen, providing you with the very best for optimal performance.

Superior Supplements Rooted in Research: At 540 Performance Nutrition, we are excited to offer supplement lines precisely crafted based on thorough research and backed by ingredients supported by effective dosages. Our commitment to delivering exceptional quality extends to the exceptional flavors that accompany our supplements. With our products, we aim to guide you towards superior results that will significantly enhance your progress.

Whey Isolate Protein: Unleash Your Macronutrient Potential Our Whey Isolate boasts an impressive macronutrient profile, rich in protein while being low in calories, carbs, and fats. To ensure a seamless digestion experience, we have fortified it with digestive enzymes, addressing concerns of bloating or upset stomachs.

540 Intra EAAs: Elevate Your Endurance 540 Intra EAAs provides your body with essential amino acids and BCAAs, promoting faster recovery, improved endurance, and optimal hydration during your workouts.

540 Pre Workout: Ignite Your Gym Performance Our 540 Pre-Workouts offer a host of benefits, including increased energy levels, enhanced focus, and improved endurance. Elevate your gym goals with these potent formulations, propelling you to the next level of performance.

Revved: Amplify Your Robustness Revved, our potent non-stimulant pre-workout, is packed with ingredients that maximize pump, vascularity, and nutrient delivery to your muscles. This precise blend primes your body for muscle-building success.

Standout: Unleash Your Power Standout is a fully loaded creatine monohydrate supplement designed to be taken pre-workout, enhancing your power output, replenishing ATP levels, and reducing fatigue. With Standout, you can train harder and longer, surpassing previous limitations.

Hydro Drive: Ultimate Sports Support Hydro Drive is your all-in-one sports powder. Crafted with fast-acting carbs for extended energy, electrolytes for hydration, beetroot for endurance, and coconut water powder for rapid rehydration, it proves invaluable for pre, during, or post-training sessions or events.

Burnt: Ignite Your Fat Loss Journey Burnt is a powerful fat burner that, when combined with a healthy diet, accelerates weight loss beyond expectations. Its potent ingredients fuel the fire, expediting your journey to a healthier, leaner you.

540 Multivitamin: Comprehensive Nutrient Support 540 Multivitamin is a comprehensive blend of essential nutrients, antioxidants, fruits/veggies, and support for weight management, bones, and muscles. Experience superior health support with this well-rounded formula.

Immunity Guard: Fortify Your Defenses Immunity Guard offers robust protection by strengthening your immune system with targeted vitamins, shielding you against inflammation, illnesses, and cell damage.

Uncompromising Quality: The 540 Difference With numerous supplement options available, you may wonder how we stand out from the rest. At 540 Performance Nutrition, we lay the foundation by subjecting our supplements to rigorous testing with knowledgeable individuals who understand each product's purpose and function. Their invaluable feedback allows us to continually improve our formulations, empowering everyone who chooses our products. We maintain an unwavering commitment to testing to ensure that our supplement line is trustworthy, unlocking your untapped potential. Our products and prices reflect what's in the bottle and represent the highest quality available. Remember, at 540 Performance Nutrition, you get what you pay for.

540 Performance Nutrition is dedicated to revolutionizing your performance journey with a wide array of methodically formulated supplements. Rooted in research, crafted with precision, and tested rigorously, our products are designed to elevate your potential and deliver superior results. Trust in our commitment to uncompromising quality, as we stand by your side, fueling your passion and propelling you towards becoming your best self. Embrace the power of 540 Performance Nutrition and unlock your limitless potential.





Chandler Burner, the founder of 540 Performance Nutrition has an extensive background and passion for human performance with the mindset of doing "whatever it takes" to achieve the goals he sets for himself. His background stems from his passion for racing ATVs and bodybuilding. Being a multiple time ATV champion. These experiences have provided invaluable insights into the critical role that proper fueling plays in maximizing performance, from rigorous training sessions to intense competitive races. Chandler knows what it takes to fuel yourself from training to competition. 

Chandler also holds a bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science where he applies his knowledge in what it takes to help someone push the boundaries to further better themselves. His discovery of supplements came when he knew in order to compete at a higher level and capitalize on his own strengths as a competitor, he needed a robust strategy for self-improvement. After conducting extensive experimentation with a diverse range of products to optimize his own performance, fueled by an unwavering passion for supplements and fortified with a deep understanding of their transformative capabilities, Chandler seized the opportunity to forge his own path in the industry by establishing his very own supplement line.

With Chandler at the helm of 540 Performance Nutrition, you can trust in his expertise, dedication, and passion that fuel the creation of each product. He brings a unique perspective that combines firsthand experience as a high-performance athlete, educational insights, and an unyielding commitment to innovation. Together, these elements drive the development of cutting-edge supplements that enable individuals to surpass their limits and unlock their untapped potential.

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