Chandler Burner, Creator and CEO of 540 Performance. I started working out in the gym at the age of 15. During the day I would be located in my high school facility and in the evenings at a small gym preparing for an upcoming ATV race event. In 2012, I won the East Coast XC Schoolboy Championship. I continued to pursue my dreams and began racing in the Grand National Cross Country Series. A day did not go by that I was not in the gym training or on my ATV practicing. Through many ups and downs on the race track, I was able to lock in an ATV Pro (College B) Grand National Championship in 2017.

I was in school and working out trying to prepare for the race season, purchasing supplement products after supplement products. I was always trying to find something that worked for someone who was in school, maintaining good grades, studying, practicing, and trying to stay fit, you know the average busy person but nothing clicked to fit my needs.

While completing the last semester of my senior year of college, an idea became a thought; from a thought, it went into research, and from research notes, it went into action, from action to production. While completing my degrees in AAS - Exercise and Fitness and BS in Exercise Science, my quest to help others came from more than just training. It was a personal experience that my love for supplements came about and would sincerely create 540 Performance. I constructed this company on wanting individuals to experience what it's like to reach milestones and goals in their life. 

I built these products for busy athletes of every sport, the working people who have very little time to workout but want to see results, for those who are just starting their healthy lifestyle and for athletes preparing for competitions. I wanted to design products built by an athlete made for an athlete.

The ethics found in 540 Performance are honesty, value, and honor. We take pride in our work by making sure each product is designed and built on truth. Each ingredient dosage seen on the label is what one will consume when taking our products. Honesty builds trust, and with each scoop or capsule formulated, we make sure that's what the individual will receive. We pack our supplements with the highest quality ingredients. We value the importance of helping people reach their desired goals, whether in their field of sport, gym sessions, or looking to better their overall health. The honor goes into each time someone takes the jump to increase their performance or health by believing in what 540 Performance offers. We honor those who take that chance and run with it, to lead the life they want to achieve.